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Sue Harrison is a Youth Counselor, Mentor,
Addiction Specialist (RAS), Chemical Dependency Counselor (CCDC),
and Certified Hypnotherapist (Cht).

Having worked in private practice with teenagers and adults since 2002, Sue utilizes a combination of therapeutic techniques to facilitate permanent and positive results helping teens to explore their feelings; encourage self-awareness; manage behavior; develop social skills; improve reality perception; reduce anxiety; and increase self-esteem.

“My passion is helping teens and young adults to believe in themselves, attract healthy relationships, and learn how to love the life they’re in.” Sue is very passionate about the importance of working with parents, siblings, and others impacted by their loved one's addiction or mental health issues.

“Everyone needs to heal, and to understand what drives addiction, not just the addict. If nothing changes at home, then the newly recovering addict has no chance of permanent recovery. Remember that “addiction” is not always about drugs, sex or alcohol. Very often people of all ages become “addicted” to the wrong friends, bad judgment calls, bad relationships, toxic thinking, and so much more. We are a society that has become used to what‘s familiar, not necessarily healthy”

Sue brings her creativity, personal experience, professional expertise and remarkable intuition to all of her sessions. “This is not something that I learned through education only, I learned from my own childhood, personal discovery, painful experiences, and most of all from my OWN wrong thinking. When I realized how passionate I was about redirecting anyone I could, I went for the credentials… and then the career. “

“I have dedicated my career to helping others create a life filled with passion, faith and purpose.”

For more information, Sue can be reached at 203-644-0535.



Hypnotherapist Westlake Village
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